Week 2 of the CrossFit Team Series Announced

Last night CrossFit announced the final four workouts for the CrossFit Team Series. The workouts feature classics such as Karen, Grace and Diane in addition to a repeat of Regionals workout Randy. Event 8, probably the most brutal of the week’s workouts, includes 200 Toes-to-Bar and 200 Shoulder-to-Overhead, all while two teammates hold a barbell overhead and hang from the pull-up bar, respectively.

Event 5
For time, with one team member completing each portion:

Event 6
As a relay in the order M1-M2-F1-F2, each athlete completes:
30 deadlifts (185 / 135 lb.)
30-calorie row
30 overhead squats (95 / 65 lb.)

Event 7
20 minutes to establish a 7-rep-max front squat
Score is sum of each athlete’s heaviest set.

Event 8
For time:
200 toes-to-bars, while both barbells are held overhead
200 shoulders-to-overheads (135 / 95 lb.), while 2 teammates hang from the pull-up bar

For more detailed instructions and movement standard, visit Games.CrossFit.com.