Wes Piatt Withdraws from 2016 CrossFit Season

Via Instagram (@wespiatt2013)

If you’ve been leaderboarding the CrossFit Open the past few days, you might have not seen a name missing after 16.5. Wes Piatt, a 2013 CrossFit Games veteran, did not post a score for 16.5. Also, looking at his scores through 16.4, his score of 115 reps on 16.3 was good for 1,548th worldwide. Prior to that, Piatt finished 16.1 and 16.2 in 103rd and 77th, respectively.

Per an Instagram post on March 18, Piatt announced that he recently re-injured his left shoulder after initially injuring it back in December. An MRI showed that Piatt suffered an 80% tear of the supraspinatus. He has decided to get surgery and will be unable to compete in 2016.