What We Know So Far: Individuals and Team


Over the past ten days, Dave Castro has started dropping hints to some of the workouts at the CrossFit Games. There aren’t too many details, but here is what we know today.


We will see Murph again at the CrossFit Games. While it hasn’t been explicitly stated, Castro has hinted that the teams may face the Hero WOD this year. Some individual athletes are still preparing for Murph just in case the individuals have to repeat it.

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Team Event 3/4

We do know that Team Event 3 will be the men and Team Event 4 will be the women and they will feature deadlifts, burpees and a 100-foot handstand walk. Will the movements be synchonized? Will it be a conga-line workout? Will each individual complete one segment? All of these questions are still unanswered.

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Team Event 5

A 9-21-21-9 rep scheme featuring cleans and rope climbs. While this post garnered more attention by the fact that a Glock pistol and bullets were in the photo, the unique rep scheme leaves a lot of questions to be answered on how this will be implemented for the teams.

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Team Event 6

Double Worm Sprint. We saw the picture on Castro’s Instagram last month with his foot on the Worm and now here it is. It will likely be a race down and back, about 200-meters. Should be a fast, grueling event.

Team event 6. Double Worm Sprint. @crossfitgames #crossfitgames @roguefitness

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Team Event 9

Dave Castro gave more details about Event 9 on Friday night. The colors of the figurines are rearranged and we now know it is a Team Sprint Relay. One gender, likely females will begin by running down the soccer field, turning around and tagging the next teammate. The event continues until the sixth member runs the full length of the field and back.

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Individual Events 11, 12 & 13

Event 11: 280-foot Handstand Walk for Time (50 points)
Event 12: Suicide Sprint (50 points?)
Event 13: “Plow” Pull (50 points?)
When: Sunday morning

With three races back-to-back-to-back, it looks like the athletes will be doing these with minimal rest between events. We know Event 11 is worth 50 points so we are assuming the other two events will be worth the same. Now the question is will there be another event grouped with these.

Individual Event 11 280′ handstand walk for time @crossfitgames #crossfitgames

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In the Instagram post, there are two cones set up on the field. One just before mid-field and another at the top of the penalty box.

The turn just before midfield is probably either just before the Rogue rig on the field or will utilize a post of the rig. The StubHub Center field is 110m long, but the handstand walk in Event 11 is 280-feet, or 85 meters. This would likely be the same length at the full distance from one end of the field to the other. Estimating where the cones are placed in the Instagram post, it looks like it will be a ~40-meter down and back followed by a 65-meter down and back and finishing with an 85-meter sprint to the finish line. This would total very close to 300-meters in total.

The four turnarounds would slow the athletes down compared to a 300-meter sprint on a track so we are guessing we will see athletes finish in the 45-50 second range.

The “Plow” Pull event is the first announced workout with a new piece of equipment. A down and back race with handles that appear to be difficult to hold. The posterior chain will be on fire after this event.

With only six more days until the “unofficial” Wednesday start of the Games, we still don’t have many answers regarding what the athletes will be facing. Stay tuned as Castro will probably begin providing more details over the next several days.