Who Would You Put on the 2016 CrossFit Games Demo Team?

Over the past three years, the CrossFit Games Demo Team has been the who’s who of athletes who did not make the Games that year. Austin Stack, Jenn Smith and Julie Foucher (once as an honorary captain) have been on the team twice.

We’ve not yet seen any mention of who will be on this year’s team, so we’re taking a look at who we’d put on the demo team if it was up to us.

Dan Bailey and Brooke Ence are obvious choices for us. Elijah Muhammad is a fan favorite and provides the team top-end strength. Dani Horan was unable to compete at the CrossFit Games last year due to an injury so it would be good to see her livesorecasscrop2on the demo team. Cassidy Lance earned her nod by being an awesome athlete and wearing this shirt at Regionals (click here to order yours today). And then there is Chris Spealler…he competed in the Open and was invited to compete at Regionals. He declined the invite, but he obviously still has what it takes to help Castro test the events.

Who would you pick for the Demo Team? Let us know in the comments.

Our Picks for 2016 Demo Team
1. Dan Bailey
2. Elijah Muhammad
3. Chris Spealler
4. Brooke Ence
5. Dani Horan
6. Cassidy Lance

Here’s a look at the demo teams from previous years:

2015 CrossFit Games Demo Team
1. Matt Chan
2. Zach Forrest
3. Paul Tremblay
4. Christy Adkins
5. Talayna Fortunato
6. Jenn Smith
7. Julie Foucher (Team Captain)

2014 CrossFit Games Demo Team
1. Austin Malleolo
2. Wes Piatt
3. Austin Stack
4. Kristan Clever
5. Emily Friedman
6. Jenn Smith
7.Stacie Tovar

2013 CrossFit Games Demo Team
1. Pat Barber
2. Spencer Hendel
3. Austin Stack
4. Libby Dibiase
5. Julie Foucher
6. Annie Sakamoto