Why Does CrossFit Need an Official CrossFit Bike?

Official CrossFit bike manufactured by Seven Cycles
Official CrossFit bike manufactured by Seven Cycles

If you haven’t checked out the CrossFit YouTube channel this afternoon, you haven’t seen their latest video showing the creation of the “Official CrossFit Bike” manufactured by Seven Cycles.

In the video, Greg Glassman talks to John Lewis, Account Executive at Seven Cycles. The video walks through the manufacturing process to create the custom bike for CrossFit. The bike looks really cool and features some big tires, most likely for some off-road, uneven terrain biking.

But why does CrossFit need an official bike?

Pukie prominently featured on CrossFit's official bike
Pukie prominently featured on CrossFit’s official bike

The only thing we can think of is that with the CrossFit Games moving to Madison, Wisconsin, there is a good chance we see bikes back at the Games. In 2012 the CrossFit Games featured a triathlon at Camp Pendleton. The bike course, however, proved to be rather difficult as the athletes faced riding in soft sand and rocky conditions. Many athletes ended up walking their bike through a lot of the course.

A quick search of mountain bike trails in the Madison area reveals plenty of options for Castro to inflict pain to the 40 men and 40 women who will ultimately qualify for the Games.

So is this video a hint for athletes to begin practicing their mountain bike skills or did CrossFit just want their own custom bike to sell for $7,950? We’re putting our money on both…