Your Guide to Day 3 for Atlantic and West Regionals

After two days of competition in week two, some of the races (i.e. Atlantic teams) are pretty well locked down. However, the individual races are very close with some big names sitting on the outside looking in. Here’s your guide to Day 3 with the times of the events to keep your eye on.

Atlantic Regional


The top 5 teams in the Atlantic team competition have pretty much secured their trip to Carson as the 5th place team, The CrossFit Squad, sits 73 points ahead of CrossFit Explode in 6th place. Team Soul is comfortably in 1st place with 2nd through 5th still jockeying for position.

Tune in at 9:40am EST for the last heat for Events 7 and 8. The final event and heat for Event 9 is at 11:10am EST.

Leaderboard after Day 2
1. Team Soul 553
2. HustleHard CrossFit 525
3. CrossFit Bound 500
4. 12 Labours Lions 497
5. The CrossFit Squad 488
6. CrossFit Explode 415


Emily Bridgers and Anna Tunnicliffe appear to be in control after two solid days of competition. After that, Alea Helmick, 3rd place, is only 23 points ahead of 6th place and only 42 points separate 3rd and 10th place. The last heat is stacked with all 10 athletes vying for a qualifying spot. Can Christy Adkins hang on to 5th place? Will Cassidy Lance have enough to fight her way back into the topo 5?

The last heats for Event 6 and 7 are at 1:00pm EST and 3:35pm EST, respectively.

Leaderboard after Day 2
1. Emily Bridgers 417
2. Anna Tunnicliffe 380
3. Alea Helmick 365
4. Meg Reardon 359
5. Christy Adkins 346
6. Breona Evans 342
7. Sarabeth Phillips 341
8. Caroline Dardini 339
9. Cassidy Lance 333
10. Alanna Fisk 323


Yes, Ben Smith, the defending champion, is going back to the CrossFit Games, but there is another Smith knocking on the door. Chandler Smith, a Regional athlete rookie, has been the story line the past two days. With four top 10 finishes so far, Chandler Smith is only one point out of the top 5.

With 10 CrossFit Games veterans in the Atlantic field, no one will be going down without a fight. The 3rd and 4th heats are stacked and are must watch this afternoon. Jordan Troyan, Aaron Hanna, ZA Anderson and Dominick Maurici headline Heat 3. Heat 4 features nine athletes who have a legitimate shot at qualifying for the Games.

Event 6
Heat 3: 2:10pm EST
Heat 4: 2:30pm EST

Event 7
Heat 3: 4:10pm EST
Heat 4: 4:20pm EST

Leaderboard after Day 2:
1. Ben Smith 443
2. Noah Ohlsen 387
3. Nathan Bramblett 372
4. Jeff Evans 363
5. Daniel Petro 361
6. Chandler Smith 360
7. Gary Helmick 358
8. Travis Mayer 356
9. Jacob Anderson 346

West Regional


Boise CrossFit Rainbow hasn’t finished outside of the top 3 so far this weekend. Games veteran, CrossFit Marysville, isn’t too far behind with all finishes in the top 7. Teams sitting 3rd through 7th, however, still have some work to do on Day 3. Verdant CrossFit, currently in 7th place, is only 20 points behind 5th place.

Final Heat Times:
Events 7 & 8: 12:40pm EST
Event 9: 2:10pm EST

Leaderboard after Day 2:
1. Boise CrossFit Rainbow 570
2. CrossFit Marysville 533
3. CF Duratus 475
4. CrossFit Vancouver 462
5. Lane 5 Athletics 460
6. Spokane Valley 454
7. Verdant CrossFit 440


Carleen Mathews, Emily Abbot and Margaux Alvarez sit in the top 3. Mathews and Abbott appear safe heading into Day 3 while Alvarez still must put out two solid performances to stay in the top 5. Alex Parker and Regan Huckaby, both 2015 CrossFit Games athletes, are outside the top 10 and are not in contention this year.

Will newcomers Christina Verhagen and Tia Wright hold on to qualify to the Games for the first time?

Final Heat Times:
Event 6: 4:00pm EST
Event 7: 6:35pm EST

Leaderboard after Day 2:
1. Carleen Mathews 420
2. Emily Abbott 398
3. Margaux Alvarez 367
4. Christina Verhagen 362
5. Tia Wright 359
6. Carly Fuhrer 342
7. Jenna Gracey 339
8. Ashley Ferda 337


It’s Brent Fikowski’s year. After two years of back-to-back disappointment on the final event, Fikowski has left no doubt that he will make it to the Games this year. Fikowski holds a 55 point lead over 2nd place and is 95 points ahead of 6th.

Games veterans Cody Anderson, Tyson Takasaki and Cole Sager all sit outside the top 5 and are in jeopardy of staying home in July. Will Sager be able to pull off another miraculous comeback on the final event this year?

Final Heat Times:
Event 6: 5:30pm EST
Event 7: 7:20pm EST

Leaderboard after Day 2:
1. Brent Fikowski 448
2. Ben Stoneberg 393
3. Mitch Wagner 377
4. Lucas Parker 372
5. Samuel Kwant 354
6. Cody Anderson 353
7. Adam Davidson 352
8. Tyson Takasaki 346
9. Cole Sager 338