The 2016 USAW American Open Series will take a look at two weight categories every weekday through Wednesday, December 7, the day before the start of the American Open.

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Women’s 48kg
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On Friday, December 9, at 6:30pm EST, the 58kg Session A athletes will take the platform. Jessica Lucero is the defending 58kg American Open champion and she will be defending her title once again from Sarabeth Phillips and Mathlynn Robert-Sasser.

Last year’s medalists were:

Place  Snatch Clean & Jerk Total
1 Jessica Lucero (92) Sarabeth Phillips (107) Jessica Lucero (197)
2 Stephanie Lemmon (88) Mathlynn Robert-Sasser (106) Sarabeth Phillips (194)
3 Sarabeth Phillips (87) Jessica Lucero (105) Mathlynn Robert-Sasser (186)

Jessica Lucero

Jessica Lucero at 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials
Photo Credit: Lifting Life (Andy Blaida)

Jessica Lucero was the 5th-ranked female U.S. lifter after the Olympic Trials. From the 2015 American Open to the U.S. Olympic Trials, Lucero improved her total by 11kg to 208kg. If Lucero is able to match her 208kg total, she should be in great position to walk away on top.

Sarabeth Phillips

Sarabeth Phillips at 2016 USAW National Championships
Photo Credit: Lifting Life (Andy Blaida)

Sarabeth Phillips is a triple threat athlete. Phillips is a CrossFit Regional-level competitor, a member of the NPGL’s New York Rhinos and is an elite weightlifter. Phillips has taken 2nd place at the 2015 American Open and 2016 National Championships, finishing behind Lucero both times. If Phillips is able to hit a big clean and jerk in competition, she could make a run at Lucero.

Mathlynn Sasser

Mathlynn Sasser at 2015 IWF World Championships
Photo Credit: Lifting Life (Josh Wilkinson)

Mathlynn Sasser is from the Marshall Islands and took 3rd at the 2015 American Open. Sasser also competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics where she placed 11th with a 199kg total. Sasser has been consistent on the platform and will likely total just under 200kg. Look for her to round out the podium in the 58kg weight category.