2017 USAW National Qualifying Totals Announced

Nathan Damron at 2016 USAW Nationals
Photo Credit: Lifting Life

The USA Weightlifting Board of Directors approved and released the qualifying totals needed for the 2017 National Championships. The qualification period is from April 1, 2016 through March 26, 2017.

On the Men’s side, a 3-8kg increase was added for the weight classes to last year’s qualifying totals except for the +105kg category where the qualifying total remained unchanged.

The Women’s qualifying totals are almost the same as last year except for the 75kg and +75kg weight classes. The 75kg weight class is 1kg higher than 2016 while the +75kg weight class qualifying total dropped 11kg.

Weight Class Qualifying Total Change from 2016
56kg 194kg +6kg
62kg 223kg +3kg
69kg 246kg +6kg
77kg 274kg +5kg
85kg 289kg +8kg
94kg 300kg +5kg
105kg 305kg +6kg
+105kg 310kg no change


Weight Class Qualifying Total Change from 2016
48kg 133kg no change
53kg 149kg no change
58kg 163kg no change
63kg 170kg no change
69kg 179kg no change
75kg 189kg +1kg
+75kg 194kg -11kg