Anthony Pomponio failed to record a clean & jerk at the American Open this weekend. Pomponio led by 2kg after the snatch, but after missing 178kg twice – once a miss, the second was called for a press out, Pomponio had one attempt to make a total. Jumping up to 179kg, Pomponio also missed thus failing to post a total. James Tatum would go on to win the 85kg weight category.

A day after the competition, we know why Pomponio struggled on the platform. Pomponio took to Instagram Sunday morning showing a video of him injuring his hip flexor just 10 days out from the American Open. Less than a week before the Open, Pomponio wasn’t sure he would even be able to compete.

This is a bit of a rant so just bare with me, I'm not feeling sorry for myself cause that's just not me but I did want to talk about my Performace … About 10 days ago on my last heavy day I injured my hip flexor on my last heavy Cj of the day (in video) I worked up to 155kg in the snatch and 182 CJ I pushed it out just a tad to far resulting in my back leg straightening to much which cause a burning rubbing sensation … I immediately thought I wasn't gunna be able to walk however I was ok…. I sent the next 3 days limping Around, finally on Monday I was able to do some light light lifts … We weren't sure if I was going to be able to compete. Throughout the week with help from @drjoehoude and @quinn.henochdpt I felt like my leg was getting better, so I decided to give it a go and compete at the American Open… Long story short we decided to open up lighter in the snatch. I came in first with a 150kg snatch missing 155kg favoring one leg (will post video soon). Then the CJ rolled around and I just didn't have the split in the jerk that I normally have, however I did make the 2nd attempt but got called on a press out …3 reds when I know for sure my right arm was locked lol! All in all I still had fun competing but honestly I came in not expecting a whole lot just wanted to have fun… If you would have asked me 10 days ago before the hip flexor strain I would have told you to be on the lookout for a 340+ total….. Congrats to all the competitors in the 85kg class, thanks to @xoxocharlotte for being my sidekick, #juggernauttraining, @ironrebel , @virusintl , @rpstrength, @grindsportsnutrition and @max_aita for being supportive and by my side. #usaweightlifting #jackedandpomped

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After some physical therapy, Pomponio started with lighter snatches, but his split jerk just wasn’t there. He believes he made the 2nd lift even though he was given three red lights.