Arnold Weightlifting Championships Start List

The Arnold Weightlifting Championships hosted by Columbus Weightlifting are this weekend. The first session begins this afternoon with Masters athletes taking the platform. The Arnold, unlike most weightlifting competitions, is not run by weight class, but are grouped by their entry total so that athletes with similar weights compete in the same sessions.

For the first time, scoring will be based on the NCS 2015 five year averages for Youth and Junior lifters and Senior lifters will be scored on the 2015 WWC placement and scoring tables. This is different that the Sinclair total and the intent is to create a more level playing field for all weight classes. Masters athletes will be scored as a division using the Sinclair total.

Here is the Start List for this weekend.

Here are some notable names and start times competing at the Arnold.

  • Jenny Arthur and Mary Peck (Saturday at 2:00pm Eastern)
  • David Garcia, Ethan Harak, D’Angelo Osorio and Kevin Cornell (Saturday at 4:00pm Eastern)

For more information on the event, click here.