Final Schedule for USAW National Junior Championships & Senior Trials

Here is the schedule for all ‘A’ sessions for this weekend’s USAW National Junior Championships & Senior Trials. The first session is the men’s 56kg B weight class beginning on Friday at 9:00am EDT and finishes up on Sunday afternoon with the Senior Trials.

Date Weight Class (Gender) Start Time
(all times EDT)
56kg A (Men) 1:00 pm
48kg A (Men) 3:00 pm
62kg A (Women) 3:00 pm
69kg A (Men) 5:30 pm
53kg A (Women) 5:30 pm
58kg A (Women) 1:30 pm
77kg A (Male) 1:30 pm
63kg A (Women) 4:00 pm
85kg A (Men) 4:00 pm
69kg A (Women) 6:00 pm
94kg A (Men) 6:00 pm
75kg A (Women) 9:00 am
105kg A / +105kg A (Men) 9:00 am
+75kg A (Women) 11:00 am
Senior Trials (Women) 1:00 pm
Senior Trials (Men) 3:00 pm