Heather Snethen
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Heather Snethen is outspoken and never one to back down. Snethen has been around weightlifting her whole life. She became very vocal when her training partner, Marissa Klingseis, was replaced on the Worlds team by Sarah Robles last year.

Between lifting on her own, designing and selling Glamlets and now providing remote coaching, Snethen is quite busy. Her schedule, however, is going to get even busier in March 2017.

Two weeks ago, Snethen announced on Instagram that she and her boyfriend, Tyler Seever, were expecting a child. In her post, she said she would be “posting annoying pregnancy posts but…will be posting some about [her] journey.”

Now that the cat is out of the bag..Baby Seever coming March 2017! And no I won’t be posting annoying pregnancy posts but I will be posting some about my journey through these next months with my training. So far I can tell you that these past 15 weeks have been sort of a breeze (knock on wood) in my normal life but a little rough with training. Finally got past the tired phase last week where I can actually make it through my workouts without feeling completely dead and messed up. I’ve cut back from 2 a day training sessions to only training 5 days a week for now! Bodyweight has went from about 47.8 to 49.6 so far. @seevertyler #BabySeever #DueInMarch #pregnancyannouncement #Littlelifter #DontEatWatermelonSeeds #dudeyourgonnabeadad #fitmom #icantbelieveijusthashtaggedthat #Surprise #prego #olympicweightlifting #15Weeks #FitPregnancy @whattoexpect @babypicsapp

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Snethen followed that post with weightlifting posts like she promised.

repost via @instarepost20 from @heathernofiltersnethen48 A wise person once told me in order to be good in the Snatch, you have to constantly practice the Snatch. I’m talking almost everyday do something with a Snatch. I think most people think I’m bullshitting when I tell them I still spend at least an hour to 2 hours a week with just Technique alone. Even at the prime of my lifting career, I was spending every Tuesday morning with just snatch tech. no matter what phase of the compeition prep we were in and no matter how beat down I was. When I say technique I don’t mean doing singles until you get to 85 percent. I mean literally 55 to 70 percent of many many reps of hang snatch, tall snatch, block snatch, snatch from the floor. Basically whatever part of the lift needed work. Now another thing people my snatch videos are not sped up. I do speed up some clean videos to fit everything and because I’m usually as slow as a turtle standing up not by choice. I kept my songs off of this one so you can hear me either talking during the lift (opps) or the regular music playing. I’m not here to bullshit you all folks or sell you false hopes and dreams. I’m not that big of an asshole. Again I am more than happy to help anyone who wants to know more about the sport or programming as long as your questions don’t involve asking me to kick you in the nuts or eating potato salad off my body (true stories). Now go get aggressive and commit!! #usaweightlifting #Usaw #Snatch #Olympicweightlifting #weightlifting #InstagramIsAssholeCity #AndYouCanKissMine #girlswholift #hiddengymhq #Spicegirls #Unionjack #Crossfit #Drivenperfomancelabs #TheseFistsFly #instarepost20

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So get ready…Baby S is coming soon.