IOC Publishes Olympic Games Uniform Rules Document

A couple weeks ago the IWF  released guidelines based on International Olympic Committee (IOC) for authorized identifications on equipment and clothing for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The IOC does not want the uniforms of athletes to look like a NASCAR and has published guidelines outlining what is and what is not acceptable to wear or use when competing, coaching or accepting your gold medal.

Clothing should only include a small emblem or logo of the clothing manufacturer. If it’s a large logo, even if it’s just “three stripes” (yes, we’re talking about you, Adidas), it is not permissible.


Also, only one identification logo of that manufacturer may be on each article of clothing, even if they aren’t visible because they are covered up by a shoe.


Shoes may carry manufacturer identification as long as the product has been in the retail market for at least six months prior to the Olympic Games. Well played, Adidas.

In additiona, headphones, water bottles, umbrellas, towels and bandages may not have logos so keep those Beats headphones in your unidentified duffel bag.

And if you’re on the podium, keep that cell phone in your pocket. Also, don’t wear a large watch over your uniform.


If you’re so inclined, or are already Olympic-bound (ie. Jenny Arthur) you can click here for the full document.