IWF Junior World Championships Begin in 5 Days

Amidst all of the hype around the Pan-American Championships and sending four American athletes to the Olympics in two months, Team USA is sending 15 junior lifters to Tibilisi, Georgia (the country), to compete at the 2016 IWF Junior World Championships. The lifters, ages 15 to 20, will be coached by Dane Miller, Travis Mash and Rayford James.

The eight men and seven women will begin competing on June 25 and will conclude July 2. Here is the Team USA roster:

  • Jordan Cantrell (85kg)
  • Dylan Cooper (94kg)
  • CJ Cummings (69kg)
  • Nathan Damron (85kg)
  • Mason Groehler (77kg)
  • Joshua Ji (94kg)
  • Tanner Reichardt (77kg)
  • Tom Summa (94kg)
  • Tom Piscopo (69kg) [reserve]
  • John Stang (62kg) [reserve]

  • Erin Amos (58kg)
  • Jessie Bradley (75kg)
  • Jourdan Delacruz (53kg)
  • Sydney Goad (53kg)
  • Deirdre Lenzsch (75kg)
  • Cheyenne Schenk (63kg)
  • Megan Seegert (48kg)
  • Celia Gold (63kg) [reserve]
  • Kjayla Martin (+75kg) [reserve]

The USAW will also be bidding to host the 2018 IWF Junior World Championships in Anaheim, California while in Georgia. The United States hosted the 2015 IWF World Weightlifting Championships in Houston, Texas, this past November and will be hosting the 2017 Pan-American Championships in Miami, Florida, next July.