Kendrick Farris Wins Gold at Pan-American Championships

Kendrick Farris provided a much needed boost to Team USA’s chances with a gold medal performance in the 94kg weight class this morning. Going 3-for-3 in the snatch and 2-for-3 in the clean and jerk, Farris’ 165 / 199 // 364 stat line put him atop the leaderboard and earned Team USA 28 critical points.

The team now sits in 11th place with 69 points, only 37 points outside a qualifying spot. However, all three remaining USA lifters will score points towards the team’s total whereas most teams in a qualifying spot already have six scored lifts. The six best scores from a team count towards the team total. A maximum of eight athletes can compete from each team.

Of the teams currently sitting in a qualifying spot (top 7), Guatemala appears to be at the most risk of dropping out. Sitting at 108 points, Guatemala’s last lifter can only score incremental points above 12. Chile also is at risk as the team has 116 points with no remaining lifters in the 105kg and +105kg weight classes.

Team USA will likely need at least 40 points, most likely 50 points to earn one spot to the Olympics. Donovan Ford and Wesley Kitts compete are left to compete in the 105kg weight class and Caine Wilkes in the +105kg weight class.

It will be close so keep an eye out for updates this afternoon. Here are the team standings with two weight classes yet to compete.