Nathan Damron Has Had Quite the September

Nathan Damron at Mash Barbell Picnic
via Instagram (@nathandamron94)

Nathan Damron has had quite the September to remember. Over the past few weeks, Damron has been the hot topic in weightlifting circles on social media and other podcasts. Over the course of the last 2-3 weeks, Damron seems to have been posting a new back squat PR every other day.

And then this weekend while at the Mash Barbell Picnic, Damron again sets another PR followed by some huge Olympic lifts. Let’s take a look at what’s happened.

It all started on September 1 when Damron hit a 285kg (628 pounds).

The very next day, he posts a 290kg (639 pounds) back squat.

On the 3rd, yes the next day, a front squat PR at 250kg (551 pounds).

Two full days later on the 5th, he hits a 300kg (661 pounds) back squat. Yet another PR.

After that many back squat PR’s in a row, it was time to set a Clean and Jerk PR. Here is 200kg (441 pounds).

Last Monday, Damron does a back squat double at 288kg (635 pounds). Remember, on September 1, he set a 1RM back squat at 285kg just 11 days ago.

And now to this past weekend…

First, he sets a PR snatch at 156kg (344 pounds).

Then, he repeats his 200kg clean and jerk.

On Sunday, why not PR your deadlift…at 272kg (600 pounds).

600lb (272kg) deadlift PR! #supertotal

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And to wrap up a pretty solid weekend, Damron hits yet another back squat PR. Here’s 306kg (675 pounds). It was the first time he finally looked like he struggled a bit.

It’s been an amazing September for Damron, that’s for sure. With 12 days left in September, will we see any more PR’s?