Nike Romaleo 3 Prototype Spotted at Olympic Trials

It looks like the Nike Romaleo 3 is being tested in advance of its release later this year. At the Olympic Trials, Anthony Pomponio was spotted wearing all black weightlifting shoes with almost no identification.

The photos below show that the shoes are indeed Nike. The swoosh logo is seen on the sole of the shoe and “NIKE” is barely visible at the end of the strap. The biggest difference between this shoe and Romaleo 2 is the one-strap design. There appears to be a different ventilation design than the current design and the heel appears to have a slightly different design, but likely a similar material.

Take a look at the photos below. What do you think about the design?

nikeromaleo3-01 nikeromaleo3-02 nikeromaleo3-03 nikeromaleo3-04 nikeromaleo3-05

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