USA Women’s Team Starts Strong at Junior World Championships

After three weight classes, the USA women’s team sits in 4th place overall behind China, Thailand and Chinese Taipei. Jourdan Delacruz (53kg) and Megan Seegert’s (48kg) 5th and 6th place finishes, respectively, started the week off strong for Team USA. Sydney Goad placed 11th in the 53kg weight class and Erin Amos finished 15th in the 58kg weight class.

The women of China and Thailand, however, have stolen the spotlight thus far. China’s first four athletes have not yet finished outside the top 3 and have two 1st place finishes for 104 points in the team competition. With one lifter remaining in the 75kg weight class, China can improve its team total to 109 points.

Five athletes have lifted for Thailand thus far, with only one athlete finishing off the podium in 4th place. With a 1st, two 2nd and a 3rd place finish, Thailand is only three points behind China with 101 points. Thailand has one lifter left to compete in the +75kg weight class.

The US women still have three lifters yet to compete:
June 29: Cheyenne Schenk (63kg – B session)
July 1: Deirdre Lenzsch (75kg – B session)
July 1: Jessie Bradley (75kg – A session)

With the top four scores counting towards the team score, placements in the top 10 will help the women’s team. The team leaderboard is shown below. The orange highlights are athletes remaining to compete. The green highlights are scores guaranteed to count towards the team total and the red highlights have been excluded from the team total.

2016 Junior World Championships Women's Team Scoreboard