When to Watch Team USA Lift at Rio Olympics

Morghan King at US Olympic Trials
Photo Credit: Lifting Life

Morghan King, Jenny Arthur, Sarah Robles and Kendrick Farris will be representing the United States at the 2016 Rio Olympics starting on Saturday, August 6.

Morgan King will be the first of the four Team USA lifters to hit the platform. King will lift on Saturday, August 6 at 6:00pm Eastern. The three other lifters will begin their competitions the following weekend.

Here is when each athlete will be lifting.

Team USA Athlete Weight Class Date Time
Morghan King 48kg Saturday, August 6 6:00pm Eastern
Jenny Arthur 75kg Friday, August 12 2:30pm Eastern
Kendrick Farris 94kg Saturday, August 13 2:30pm Eastern
Sarah Robles +75kg Sunday, August 14 6:00pm Eastern