Athletes Reflect on Climbing the Burj Khalifa

Topping ‘The Capitol’ event from this year’s CrossFit Games is a tough thing to do, but Event 1 of the 2022 Dubai Fitness Championship, the Burj Khalifa Challenge, did just that.

The 40 athletes competing at the Dubai Fitness did what no one else in the world has ever done…compete in a race to the top of the Burj Khalifa. While some have made the trek up the 160 flights of stairs, there has never been a race of this magnitude to the top.

Even in talking with Troy Alston, a competitive stair climber, he admitted getting to do climb the Burj Khalifa is a bucket list item.

Earlier today (Friday night for those in Dubai), I spoke with Emily Rolfe to get her reaction to competing in the once-in-a-lifetime event. She, along with all of the other competitors, understood what it meant to get the chance to do this event. So we have compiled what some of the other competitors have said as they reflect back on one of the coolest events in CrossFit history…

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