Watch Matilde Garnes’ Amazing 47 Muscle-Ups on Zelos Games 1.1

Leading up to the start of the Zelos Games, several analysts (Hi, Taylor & JR) thought that we could see 50 completed ring muscle-ups in the first Zelos Games workout, 1.1. But while we didn’t see it during the live showcase event this weekend, Matilde Garnes showed that 50 is definitely within reach.

In the online portion of the competition, Matilde Garnes put up an astounding score of 47. In other words, Garnes completed 47 ring muscle-ups during the three timed intervals during Workout 1.1, Snake Eyes. That score was more than any other male or female in the elite division.

Garnes’ score was three reps ahead of Elena Carratala Sanahuja’s score of 44. According to Andrew Hiller this morning, all videos for workout 1.1 have been reviewed and validated, meaning Garnes is the official winner of the first workout.

You can find the official online leaderboard here…and check out Garnes’ video submission below!

Garnes is coming off a 26th place finish at the 2022 CrossFit Games. And last month she competed at the Rogue Invitational where she placed 14th overall.

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