CrossFit Releases Official Top 100 Worldwide Rankings

A day after the points system was published…then partially removed, CrossFit has published the official Top 100 men and women as part of the new worldwide ranking system.

We published an unofficial top 10 list this morning on Instagram (you should follow us here) and it is the same as the official list. But just this afternoon, CrossFit has shared the official top 100 ranked men and women as of today, February 1, 2023.

Men’s Top 100

Women’s Top 100

Full Rankings List (all 2022 Quarterfinals athletes)

YouTube video

So why is this important?

CrossFit will use the worldwide ranking system after Quarterfinals each year to determine the number of qualifying spots from each region that will advance to the CrossFit Games. Each region has a minimum number of qualifying spots with 17 additional spots to be allocated based on the ranking.

The calculations of how those additional spots will be allocated have not yet been shared by CrossFit.

Another reason these rankings could be important in the future is that they could be used for automatic invitations to off-season competitions or be used for determining whether an athlete should compete in an RX or Intermediate or scaled division at a local or regional competition.

What’s next?

The rankings are based on a two-year rolling basis. So the results from the 2021 Open will be removed and replaced by the 2023 Open standings. And then the 2021 Quarterfinal results will be replaced by the 2023 Quarterfinals standings. 

At that point, the rankings will be used to determine the Strength of Field for each region and the 17 additional qualifying positions will be allocated to the regions.

YouTube video

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