Here’s the Current List of CrossFit-Sanctioned Events & Ways to Qualify for the CrossFit Games

We all knew the 2019 CrossFit Games season would be different after it was announced that Regionals were going away. As the online qualifiers for the Dubai CrossFit Championship and Wodapalooza are underway, we now have a clearer picture of how athletes can earn their ticket to the 2019 CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin.

Here are the ways to qualify for the 2019 CrossFit Games as an individual:

  • National Champion of the 2019 CrossFit Open
  • Top 20 overall worldwide finishers of the 2019 CrossFit Open
  • First-place at a sanctioned event
    • Dubai CrossFit Championship (December 2018)
    • Wodapalooza Fitness Festival (January 2019)
    • CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town (February 2019)
    • Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge (April 2019)
    • Brazil CrossFit Championship (May 2019)
    • CrossFit French Throwdown (June 2019)
    • Granite Games (June 2019)
  • At-large invite by CrossFit, Inc. (4 athletes selected)

As for the teams, there is no longer a requirement to train together at an affiliate or reside in the same geographical location. Instead, athletes will be able to form super-teams to compete at the sanctioned events. For the teams, the only qualification method will be through the CrossFit-sanctioned events.

The sanctioned events will be operated independently of CrossFit, Inc. and will each have their own schedule and programming. Right now the list is 7 sanctioned events, but it sounds like there might be more on the way for the 2019 season.

And while we know the possible routes to qualifying for the 2019 CrossFit Games, the full details are still unknown. The 2019 CrossFit Games Rulebook (coming soon) will eventually provide everything we need to know.

Stay tuned!

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