Oskarsson Suspension Could Mean Saxon Panchik is Games Bound

Yesterday, CrossFit announced that Henrik Inri Oskarsson tested positive for ostarine and RAD-140, both of which are banned substances and violate CrossFit drug testing policy. While Oskarsson has received a four-year suspension from CrossFit competitions, the suspension could have a cascading effect on Sanctional invites to the CrossFit Games.

At the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship (RCC), Henrik Oskarsson finished in 2nd place behind Bjorgvin Gudmundsson. Since Gudmundsson had already qualified for the Games via the Open, the Sanctional invite went to Oskarsson.

Reykjavik CrossFit Championship men's leaderboard.
Reykjavik CrossFit Championship men’s leaderboard.

But with Oskarsson’s suspension, that invite would go to Will Moorad.

Moorad, however, went on to win the Brazil CrossFit Championship (BCC) two weeks later, thereby earning him an invite to the Games. But now with Moorad getting the invite via the RCC, the BCC invite would go to the next in line.

Brazil CrossFit Championship men's leaderboard.
Brazil CrossFit Championship men’s leaderboard.

That person is Saxon Panchik. Panchik made his CrossFit Games debut last year and has followed up this season by narrowly missing an invite several times. Panchik finished the CrossFit Open in 32nd, one spot away from the Top 20 cutoff. He has also narrowly missed earning an invite at Wodapalooza (5th), BCC (3rd) and at the CrossFit Granite Games (5th).

Of course, that narrow miss at the BCC might have turned into an invite to the 2019 CrossFit Games. We have contacted CrossFit, Inc. for confirmation on how they will handle the Games invites, but have yet to receive a response.

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