Sara Sigmundsdottir Joins LSKD as She Prepares for Semifinals

Sara Sigmundsdottir will continue her preparations for the European Semifinal in style having signed on to become an LSKD athlete.

Last month Sara’s deal with WIT Fitness ended leaving one of the most consistently popular athletes on the scene free to pursue other options. With almost two million followers on Instagram alone it’s clear that the three-time Open and Regionals winner and two-time Games podium athlete is a favorite among fans in the sport.

If you are unaware of who LSKD is then allow me to fill you in. First of all, welcome back, how has life been under your rock? LSKD is an Australian based brand, founded by Jason Daniels in 2007. After signing Sara, Daniels said, “the first time we spoke to Sara, you could feel there was such an alignment of mission and values, we are so pumped to have her be a part of the team.” When LSKD had approached her manager Sara felt “like a kid on the day before Christmas, I was super excited because there was an actual possibility of me becoming available for this. Once I chatted with the team, heard the story and realized how well their values fitted with mine, there was no turning back. It was a no brainer,” she said.

Values and missions are something that LSKD are built on. Enjoy the Journey; Create a Community; Sweep the Sheds; There’s a Better Way to Do it- Find it; Move Fast and Break Shit and 1% Better Every Day are the values at the core of the company that drive everything they do and every decision they make. Reading through the values, it’s easy to see why CrossFit and CrossFit athletes align so closely with what the brand believes in. Sara joins Khan Porter, James Newbury, Matt Dlugos and Anikha Greer, to name just a few on the roster of CrossFit athletes at LSKD.

Sara’s sights are set on completing her long running comeback from rupturing her ACL in training two years ago. Last year she missed out on a Games spot after finishing 6th in Lowlands Throwdown and 12th in the, now abandoned, Last Chance Qualifier.

This year she ramped up her comeback, continuing working with Nik Jordan of Momemtum and her coach Perrin Behr of Training Think Tank. She finished 6th at Wodapalooza with five top 10 finishes. She followed that up with two more days of competition on the team side with her fellow Spacers Angels Katelin Van Zyl and Victoria Campos and set a PR 3RM overhead squat at 225lbs. In Miami, Sara made it through four days and 15 events unscathed, quelling any doubts over her comeback. She followed that up with a win in at UAE Storm Games before finishing 9th in Quarterfinals in Europe.

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On the partnership’s origins, Sara said, “Funny how things sometimes occur. I have been aware of LSKD for a while but it was at Wodapalooza where the magic happened. Katelin Van Zyl and I were competing together and sharing an Airbnb”. Short of a tank top, Sara borrowed off her Toespacer teammate, “I fell in love with the fabric and the way it fit me. The clothes just fit so well, the fabric in the leggings is especially comfortable and as a bonus, they look great too,” she explained.

“I’m so happy now. I’m joining an amazing brand in LSKD. A unique brand that has already become so successful and their whole vibe resonates so well with me. Can’t wait to get started on all the things we have planned together,” Sara added.

Next up, Sara has the, not insignificant, task of punching her ticket to Madison in Berlin. Sara will join a stacked field of females aiming to claim one of 11 tickets to the big show in Madison at the end of the summer.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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