The Fast Track to Better Coaching with Fitr

Fitr have, over the last 18 months or so, announced themselves as the go-to software for online coaching. Having cut their teeth in the deep end by creating the HWPO app for Mat Fraser, Leon Cassidy and his team have ripped through the world of CrossFit, Hyrox and online coaching and are now the basis for the online offerings of The Progrm, Invictus, Self Made Training Program, Brute, The Training Plan, The Daily Grind, The Functional Coach, Lauren Weeks, David Magida – honestly I could list another twenty.

During the time that’s passed since launching and bringing all of those training programs on board, Fitr has launched some updates to help coaches to personalize their app and bring more of a community feel to the online coaching realm. A few months ago they launched White Label – this was essentially a branding opportunity for coaches or companies to change the icon of the app on the user’s phone to be their logo, once in the app the colors could be selected to keep that sense of identity running along nicely.

They also launched benchmarking which, as a client of a coach who uses Fitr, is incredibly handy. Basically, I put in my 1RM bench and once my coach calms down and recovers from being so overwhelmed by my enormous strength, he can program percentages in the lift and on my end, it gives me the weight instead of the percentage – saving me the hassle of working anything out when it’s time to move.

With so many updates and add-ons having been launched Fitr have decided to create a program to help coaches get the most out of the service they’re paying for and to bring the best possible package to their clients. Fast Track is a 14-day program designed to help coaches get their business set up in the best possible way and will allow coaches to experience Fitr as a client and see live examples of the app’s best features as well as video explanations from the team at Fitr.

The program is split into two weeks.

Week 1 – coaches will be offered help to get their business set up for success with a focus on automation, marketing and time saving features like the new integration with Zappier.

Week 2 – coaches will experience what the client does, work on client retention and gain an understanding of how to increase their earnings.

The Fast Track program launched yesterday through their blog, website and social media. Coaches looking to give Fitr a try can start a free trial through their website.

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