Are the CrossFit Games Headed to Jacksonville?

Dave Castro in Jacksonville, Florida, potential home to 2017 CrossFit Games
via Instagram (@thedavecastro)

Jacksonville, Florida’s sports council, JAXSPORTS, and the city of Jacksonville have been the only location that has been vocal and gone to social media to promote its intent to bring the 2017-2019 CrossFit Games to the city. With the hashtag #CROSSFITtoJAX, the Jacksonville mayor and CrossFit gyms around the area have been promoting their city.

The official 2017-2019 CrossFit Games RFP indicated that a decision would likely be made prior to August 31 and possibly at the CrossFit Games. No announcement was made at the Games leaving all to speculate about where and when it would be publicly announced.

Then yesterday evening, Dave Castro posts on Instagram a photo of him at Everbank Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida with the scoreboard reading “CROSSFITtoJAX”. The only comment from Castro, “5:33pm”.


A photo posted by @thedavecastro on

While not an official announcement, many are speculating this is where the CrossFit Games will be held next year. Per the RFP, “contract negotiations will begin immediately after CrossFit accepts a bid”. So either Castro’s post is alluding to CrossFit selecting Jacksonville or CrossFit is in town to discuss Jacksonville’s bid further and no decision has yet been made. If nothing else, the post has garnered significant interest in less than 24 hours with over 6,000 likes and almost 1,000 comments.

We will likely find out more in the coming days.