Chris Spealler Accepts CrossFit Games Masters Invite

Chris Spealler at the 2014 CrossFit Games
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When the 35-39 Masters Division was announced late last year, a lot of attention was focused on some big name CrossFit Games veterans such as Neal Maddox and Chris Spealler. A fan favorite for many years, Spealler said that he would continue to do his one-a-day class workouts and see how the chips fell.

“Speal” managed to make it into the Online Qualifier after a strong Open performance. Spealler would go on to finish 15th overall (top 20 received invite to the CrossFit Games) and even notch an event victory.

Earlier this afternoon, Spealler accepted his invite and will be competing at the CrossFit Games this August in Madison, Wisconsin. His post on Instagram has already received 237 comments and over 9,000 likes. It looks like the fans are pretty excited to see him back on the Games floor!