Cream of the Crop Rise on Women’s Leaderboard After 17.2

Sam Briggs at 2015 CrossFit Games
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While there’s still time for some scores to be validated and show up on the leaderboard, the top of the women’s leaderboard is full of top Games athletes. Of the top 10 athletes, 8 are CrossFit Games veterans with 25 total appearances and 4 Fittest on Earth titles.

Sam Briggs and Kristin Holte, both appeared in the 17.1 Open Announcement, sit in 1st and 2nd, respectively. Thuridur Helgadottir, who recently set an Icelandic national weightlifting record, is tied with Holte. Kari Pearce siting in 4th overall.

The streak of CrossFit Games veterans is interrupted by Latin America’s Julieta Chapi. Chapi, who’s competed in the CrossFit Open since 2012, has made a big leap two weeks into the 2017 season. Check out her video from 17.1 here.

Women's worldwide leaderboard after 17.2
Women’s worldwide leaderboard after 17.2

The top 10 (actually 11 with a tie in 10th) features 6 athletes that will be competing at the Meridian Regional. Only four women (Pearce, Leblanc-Bazinet, Jackson and recently Sigmundsdottir) hail from the United States. Last year’s Open winner, Jamie Greene, sits tied for 10th.

Last week’s winner of 17.1, Sara Armanius, dropped down the leaderboard this week only registering 178 reps on 17.2. Armanius now sits in 19th in Europe and 162nd worldwide.

With three weeks left, there’s still a lot of time for some big shake-ups on the leaderboard. Stay tuned to for the latest news and interviews on the CrossFit Open.