CrossFit Games Athletes Predict 18.1 Open Workout

Later this evening we will all finally know the answer to the first question of the 2018 CrossFit Open…”what is 18.1?” Dave Castro’s hint might not have even been a hint, and if it was, it sure did not help.

So what will Sam Briggs and Kristin Holte, a rematch of 17.1, be doing this evening at 5pm Pacific? We asked some of the top CrossFit Games athletes for their predictions.

Brent Fikowski

“Disclosure: I am always wrong. But if I was to guess…

“It will be inclusive for a wide range of CrossFitters. Likely most won’t need to perform the WOD scaled. It will be aerobic because that is Holte and Briggs specifically.

“Maybe a 15-minute AMRAP of Wall Balls, One-Armed Overhead Dumbbell Walking Lunges and Double Unders.”

Alessandra Pichelli

“Well, we’re all gonna be wrong, but I will go with…”

Dumbbell Thrusters

“That would hurt.”

Carly Fuhrer

“Frantasy Land. Haha. Let me think…”

30 Burpee Ring Muscle Ups for time.

Paul Castillo

Repeat of 16.1.

20-minute AMRAP
25 ft Overhead Walking Lunges (95/65 lb)
8 Bar-Facing Burpees
25 ft Overhead Walking Lunges (95/65 lb)
8 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

Cassidy Lance-McWherter

“Oh man! No thoughts. Just give it to us…we have to do it anyways.”

Mitch Sinnamon

“I’m calling a really long piece, 30+ minute AMRAP. Something outside the box.”

Jason Carroll

“My guess is plain and simple: 17.1 repeat with the new standards.”

Mekenzie Riley

“Hell, I never know. I don’t try and guess. I’m ready for anything.”

Tennil Beuerlein

“I actually haven’t thought much about it, but at this moment I would say something really long that would require Sam [Briggs] and [Kristin] Holte to demonstrate a good score.

“Light hang snatches, toes-to-bar and double-unders.”