CrossFit Team Series Workouts Announced Today

Team Reebok United to compete in 2016 CrossFit Team Series
via Instagram (@thedavecastro)

Click here for the Week 1 workout details!

The 2016 CrossFit Team Series starts today. The online competition is in its third year and is getting pushed more by CrossFit HQ. CrossFit has partnered with Facebook LIVE again for the Team Series and is looking for teams across the globe to share their workouts on the platform.

The prizes for the Team Series are generally gobbled up by the Pro Teams with rosters filled with CrossFit Games athletes. However, last year there were a handful of non-sponsored teams (still with CrossFit Games team athletes) who broke into the top 10.

Team Reebok has won the competition both years and are looking to win for a third time, this time with Panchik back in the saddle. The team of Ben Smith, Emily Bridgers and Stacie Tovar added Scott Panchik back to the roster after he sat out last year with an injury. Paul Tremblay filled in last year.

Right now there are 9 Pro teams (team with a 2016 Games individual athlete), 40 Elite teams (team with a 2016 Games team athlete or 2016 regional individual athlete) and over 1,800 Amateur teams (the rest).

The workouts will be released tonight and teams will have until September 12 to complete the multiple workouts.