Details of Team Clean & Jerk Event Released

Kristin Reffett and Rich Froning of CrossFit Mayhem Freedom
©2015 CrossFit Inc. Used with permission from CrossFit Inc.

Earlier this week Dave Castro shared that the teams would be doing a 1RM clean & jerk event. At the time, however, Castro provided no further details.

Today, CrossFit has shared the details of the events. Yes, the Team Clean & Jerk will be two scored events. One for the men’s total and another for the women’s total.

The event will begin with the men lifting. The men will have seven minutes to establish a 1RM clean & jerk for each team member. The total weight of each member’s 1RM will be added together for that team’s score.

After the seven minutes, there will be a one minute transition followed by seven minutes for the women.

The Team Clean & Jerk Event is a repeat from 2015, although the format was slightly different. In 2015, each team member had 2:30 to establish a 1RM whereas in 2017 the athletes will have to go back and forth over one 7-minute time frame.

The Team Clean & Jerk also changed the team competition in 2015. At the time, Team NorCal was in 1st place until Miranda Oldroyd tore her ACL during one of her clean and jerks. Oldroyd was unable to finish the event and the competition, leaving NorCal with only five members. The team would not be able to compete in several of the events, dropping them to 10th overall.