FitAID Misfits
via Instagram (@jcrossfitcook)

The FitAID Misfits (Travis Williams, Jordan Cook, Kari Pearce and Alexis Johnson) ended Week 1 of the CrossFit Team Series in 5th place, but only 16 points behind Team Reebok Reunited in 1st place.

Not playing any leaderboard games, the FitAID Misfits have already posted their scores and videos from Week 2. A few other Pro and Elite teams have also posted, but are not in contention for the overall title. Most of the top teams likely finished their workouts over the weekend, but are now waiting to post their scores closer to the submission deadline at 8:00pm Eastern tonight.

Here are all four videos from Week 2 for the FitAID Misfits:

Event 5

Event 6

Event 7

Event 8