We knew the handstand walk obstacle course was going to be programmed at this year’s CrossFit Regional competition, but we didn’t know in what capacity. Now we know.

The handstand walk up and over a ramp and stairs (twice) will be joined by a lot of ring muscle-ups and pistols (or single-leg squats). The back and forth event will have the athletes handstand walking from the muscle-ups to the pistols.

In total, there will be 27 ring muscle-ups, 135 pistols and 5 handstand walks. All of this in a 13-minute time cap.

Dave Castro shared a video of CrossFit Games veteran struggling on his final handstand walk over the obstacles. This event will be a tough one!

The 4th event of the weekend is a couplet featuring barbell snatches and burpees over the bar. Starting with a 175/125-pound barbell, athletes will do 2 rounds of 10 snatches and 12 burpees. Then the athletes will do another two rounds, this time with a 115/75-pound barbell.

And just like last year, it appears we won’t see a max effort lift at Regionals…unless Castro throws a curveball tomorrow. Stay tuned!