Kari Pearce Wins 19.4 After Anna Fragkou’s Score Was Penalized

Kari Pearce wins 19.4 of the 2019 CrossFit Open.
Kari Pearce wins 19.4 of the 2019 CrossFit Open.

Anna Fragkou (Greece) was atop the Open leaderboard for 19.4, the snatch/burpee/bar muscle-up workout, until this weekend. Fragkou posted a time of 8:32 for the fastest time in the world, but CrossFit assessed a penalty for 21 incomplete reps. CrossFit penalized her by taking her down to 131 reps, 1 bar-facing burpee shy of completing the 6-round workout.

That left Kari Pearce (USA) with the top score in the world. Pearce finished in 8:34, just two seconds slower than Fragkou’s original score. Pearce’s video was validated by CrossFit and her top score stood, earning her $2,019. Watch her video below.

Pearce’s victory was part of her strong Open performance in which she finished 9th in the world, earning her a return visit to the CrossFit Games (pending video review of her other workouts). It will be her 5th appearance at the CrossFit Games. She finished 6th at the Games last year.

Fragkou’s penalty dropped her from 1st in the world to 853rd on 19.4. Until the penalty, Fragkou was in the top 20 worldwide. She ended up finishing 91st in the world overall and was the national champion of Greece. Fragkou will be making her first appearance at the CrossFit Games, pending video validation of 19.1 and 19.3.

You can watch Fragkou’s video below.