Mat Fraser and Sara Sigmundsdottir are sitting atop the leaderboard at the 2016 Dubai Fitness Championships after two days of competition. So far the athletes have competed in seven events of the 15 total events planned over the course of five days.

Mat Fraser has yet to win an event, but has been more consistent than his fellow competitors. Fraser’s best finish is 2nd in Event 4, a triplet of Parallette Handstand Push-ups, Kettlebell Snatches and Box Jump Overs. Fraser’s worse performance came during Event 1, a 32km open road bike race, where he finished 12th.

Fraser holds as slim 7-point advantage over Jonne Koski in 2nd place. Ricky Garard, Jordan Troyan and Ben Smith round out the top 5. Smith finished 37th out of 38 in the 32km bike race to start the competition and has been battling back ever since.

On the women’s side, Sara Sigmundsdottir holds a 40-point lead over Samantha Briggs. Briggs is only a few months removed from shoulder surgery, but she appears to be have been recovering very well. Annie Thorisdottir sits in 3rd place followed by Julie Abildgaard and Jess Towl.

Both Sigmundsdottir and Briggs have two event victories so far and neither have had a terrible event. Friday looks good for Briggs. If her shoulder can hold up, Event 8 features 50 Dumbbell Burpee to Overhead followed by 50 Chest-to-bar pull-ups and a 100m sled. Event 10 is an alternating Row and Run event.

Check out the archived footage of the events through Day 2 and check back for Day 3 and 4.

2016 Dubai Fitness Championship Men’s Leaderboard after Day 2
2016 Dubai Fitness Championship Women’s Leaderboard after Day 2