Watch Dubai Fitness Championship Live Stream

Some of the biggest names in CrossFit have descended to Dubai to compete for the $50,000 first place money in the Dubai Fitness Championship. Athletes including Mat Fraser, Ben Smith, Kari Pearce and Sara Sigmundsdottir and many other are there.

Event 1 was a 32kg Bike Race. It was not streamed live, but here are the notable results from the event.

 Men  Women
 1. Jonne Koski 1. Samantha Briggs
2. Ruan Duvenage 2. Jess Towl
3.  Hallvard Borsheim 3. Julie Abildgaard
12. Mat Fraser 8. Sara Sigmundsdottir
20. Bjorgvin Gudmundsson 12. Annie Thorisdottir
37. Ben Smith 16. Kari Pearce


Event 2/3 was a Max Clean & Jerk followed by a Ring Muscle-Up and Handstand Walk couplet. Here are the archived live stream videos (the women’s stream had some technical difficulties and starts in the 33rd minute).

Event 4

Event 4 is a triplet of Handstand Push-ups, KB Snatches and Box Jump Overs.

Event 5

Event 5 was a 2,000m run at the Al Wasl Sports Club track. The event was not streamed live.

 Event 6/7

The first event of Day 2 was a swim that included moving 25kg plate underwater. That was followed up by a swim and SkiErg couplet.

 Event 8

Day 3 kicked off with a Dumbbell Burpee to Overhead and Chest-to-Bar pull-up chipper.

Event 9

Event 9 looked a lot like the CrossFit Regionals event with the heavy overhead squats. Just like Regionals, the overhead squats stopped some athletes in their tracks.

Event 10/11

To end Day 3, endurance was tested. A nasty couplet of rowing and running put those athletes with the biggest engines at the front of the pack.

Event 12