Men’s Leaderboard Shaken Up After 17.1 Videos Reviewed

After two extensions of the 17.1 submission deadline, it looked like the Nicolai Duus had secured the top score with a time of 9:41. He was followed by Paul Castillo and Mitchel Stevenson.

However, on Friday, CrossFit announced that the top 3 finishers all received a penalty after reviewing their videos on the basis of several reps not meeting the movement standards. Duus was penalized 50 seconds taking his time of 9:41 and moving it back to 10:31. The penalty cost him 9 additional points as he fell to nine places down to 10th in the Europe region. You can watch his video here and see if you can spot the reasons for the 50 second assessment.

Castillo was penalized 15 seconds, moving him down one stop to 2nd in the Central East. Here’s Castillo’s 17.1 video.

Stevenson was only penalized 6 seconds, but it was enough to move him out of the top spot in the world. Stevenson remained in 1st place in the North West region.

The winner after all the chaos turned out to be Scott Cottrill with a time of 9:57. Cottrill did the workout with 2010 CrossFit Games champion Graham Holmberg cheering him on. Cottrill competes out of the Central East. Cottrill finished 46th in the Mid Atlantic region in last year’s CrossFit Open.

Here’s Cottrill’s winning video.

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