Natalie Newhart Turns to Bodybuilding

Natalie Newhart transiting to Bodybuilding
via Instagram (@natalie.newhart)

In March 2016, CrossFit announced that Natalie Newhart had failed a drug test taken the prior month. The failed test meant that Newhart would be suspended for two years with the ban being lifted on March 19, 2018.

While technically only a two-year ban, the timing of it means that Newhart would likely not be able to participate in the 2018 as the CrossFit Open will have started (if the schedule does not change). Following the announcement, Newhart posted an apology via Instagram but it has since been removed.

Newhart’s social media was nonexistent until August 9 when she posted a photo on Instagram with the comment, “We’re all a work in progress. Recently decided to no longer pursue CrossFit as a competitive athlete, and excited to direct my relentless competitive drive towards different paths.”

At time it wasn’t clear on the direction Newhart was going, but her posts in the following days definitely showed she was putting in work. The posts centered around her working to build strength.

Then last week, she announced that in four weeks she would be competing in her first ever physique show. And yesterday, Newhart posted a video of her practicing posing and she looks jacked!

On her website,, it looks like she will be documenting her journey from CrossFit to Bodybuilding.