Notable Men in Jeopardy Heading into 17.5

Jordan Cook at Misfit Athletics (via Instagram)
Jordan Cook at Misfit Athletics (via Instagram)

There’s one week left to make or break the 2017 CrossFit Games season. For those athletes who are on the qualifying bubble, 17.5 will be stressful.

Let’s take a look at some notable men who are outside the cut-off for a spot at Regionals.

  • Spencer Panchick (24th in Central East). Brothers Scott and Saxon appear to be safe inside the top 10, but Spencer will need to make up some ground or have several athletes going team. Luckily for him, we know Rich Froning, Matt Hewett, Darwin Perez and Dex Hopkins are going team.
  • Justin Allen (23rd in North Central). Allen made it to the CrossFit Games in 2012 & 2013 and just barely missed in 2014. He sits in 23rd, but is 29 points behind 20th place. Allen will likely need some help with individuals going team.
  • Jordan Cook (23rd in North East). Cook changed regions for the 2017 season, moving from the South Central to the North East. The move may not have helped his bid to get back to the Games. Cook’s scores through 17.4 would have him in the top 10 in the South Central.
  • Daniel Tyminski (35th in North East). 17.1 didn’t do Tyminski any favors. A time of 12:37 on the first Open workout put him in 161st in the region. Tyminski has recovered with three good performances, but he will need a great 17.5 score and some help.
  • Jeff Evans (26th in South East). The Open has not been kind to Evans in the past. He missed qualifying for Regionals in 2015 after a 35th place finish in the Open. Last year, he squeaked into Regionals after several individuals went team. This year, Evans is in 26th place, even after his ridiculous 17:29 time on 17.3.

We also looked at the men that competed in the 2016 CrossFit Games. Only Spencer Hendel sits outside the top 20, but he is already declared that he is going team (which is safely in a qualifying spot).

Athlete  2017 Open Ranking
Worldwide Region
Mathew Fraser 1 1 (North East)
Ben Smith 54  2 (Mid Atlantic)
Patrick Vellner 10 2 (Canada East)
Brent Fikowski 11 1 (Canada West)
Cole Sager 231 9 (North West)
Soctt Panchik 36  3 (Central East)
Jacob Heppner WD
Bjorgvin Gudmundsson 5 1 (Europe)
Alex Vigneault 3 1 (Canada East)
Travis Mayer 83 6 (South East)
Alex Anderson 64 8 (Central East)
Marcus Filly WD
Josh Bridges 14 1 (Southern California)
Lukas Hogberg 24 5 (Europe)
Noah Ohlsen 4 1 (South East)
Samuel Kwant 13 1 (North West)
Rob Forte 26 3 (Australia)
Christian Lucero 76 3 (Southern California)
Travis Williams 41 2 (South Central)
Garret Fisher 119 6 (Southern California)
Lukas Esslinger 32 6 (Europe)
Lucas Parker 186 14 (Canada East)
Zak Carchedi 23 2 (North Central)
James Newbury 37 5 (Australia)
Rasmus Anderson 90 7 (Africa)
Albert-Dominic Larouche 89 7 (Canada East)
Gary Helmick 196 11 (Mid Atlantic)
Ben Stoneberg 128 6 (North West)
Jacob Anderson 28 2 (South East)
Sean Sweeney 102 1 (South West)
Logan Collins 43 3 (South Central)
Sam Dancer 18 3 (North Central)
Spencer Hendel (going team) 374 46 (North East)
Adrian Mundwiler 116 7 (Africa)
Roy Gamboa 27 1 (South Central)
Joseph Guesnier 362 18 (South Central)
Mitchell Sinnamon 34 4 (Australia)
Khan Porter 44 6 (Australia)
Zeke Grove 74 7 (Australia)
Jonne Koski 15 1 (Africa)