We knew dumbbells would be coming and they showed up on 17.1, but who would have thought we would see them again on 17.2? If you did, you’re probably lying.

Ok, so now it’s time to turn our attention to 17.3. This week we’ve teamed up with Misfit Athletics to get some of their top athletes’ predictions for tomorrow night. Is there any chance we will see dumbbells for a third week in a row???

Chyna Cho

Currently unranked because of 17.2 scoring issue

A) AMRAP 10 mins:
10 Power Cleans @ 155/105
15 Handstand Push-ups
25 Double-Unders

B) 6 mins to establish a 2RM shoulder to OH from the ground.

“Please note I do not like this workout. Lol. 😂”

Jordan Cook

currently 26th in the North East region

10 min AMRAP:
30double unders
5 squat clean and jerks 155lbs

Alexis Johnson

currently 2nd in the South Central region

” 8 min AMRAP of wallballs and heavy power cleans”

Árni Björn Kristjánsson

currently 14th in the Europe region

27-21-15-9 of:
Deadlifts 225/275/315/365
Cals on the rower

Cody Mooney

currently 27th in the North East region

“I’m calling a retest! 17.3 is 16.4 the chipper with dl, wallball, row, hspu”

Max Bragg

currently 17th in the North East region

“I think they’re going to repeat 16.4 and add a 1RM Snatch after”

Mekenzie Riley

currently 4th in the Mid Atlantic region

“I am thinking something like 14 minutes of:
20 cal row
10 ohs 75/55
10 C2b or hspu
40 du

20 cal
20 ohs 135/95
20 hspu
40 du

20 cal
30 ohs 165/115?
30 c2b
40 cal

20 cal
40 ohs 205/135
40 c2b

Samuel Kwant

currently 4th in the North West region

9 min AMRAP of:
30 DU
20 hspu
10 ohs @135
5 min to get a 2 rep max OHS

Eyes on the prize! #staredown. @elitefuel @niketraining @misfitathletics @fitaid

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Corey Lunney

currently 14th in the North East region

“8 min AMRAP ladder by 3s OHS 95/65 and hspu”

Travis Williams

currently 3rd in the South Central region

15 min AMRAP:
30 cal row
40 wall balls
50 double unders

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