The Keala Foundation and ROMWOD: Why We Run

Every year in September, people from around the world travel to Koloa, Hawaii, to raise money and run in The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run. The event is the primary fundraiser to support the Keala Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the area’s youth impacted by substance abuse.

Many might not know, but Hawaii suffers from the highest rate of methamphetamine use and has one of the highest rates of suicide in the United States. This is devastating to the Hawaiian youth, but that is where the Keala Foundation steps in.

Through its programs, the Keala Foundation works to empower the children in these communities as well as their families by hosting free youth fitness programs, community outreach and a welcoming environment.

ROMWOD is one of the foundation sponsors that works to donate and support the Keala Foundation as much as it can. With this year’s run coming up, ROMWOD shared the story of the Keala Foundation and The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run from last year.

To donate to The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run, visit All of the proceeds go to the Keala Foundation. So far over $82,000 has been donated towards the $500,000 goal this year.