Watch Elijah Muhammad Finish the Swiss Alpine Battle with Five Unbroken 220-Pound Snatches

Elijah Muhammad and Kari Pearce made the journey to Switzerland to compete in the 2016 Swiss Alpine Battle. They were able to eclipse CrossFit Yas in the final event consisting of three separate workouts to take first place.

The last workout was 9-7-5 of strict ring muscle-ups and squat snatches. The teams could break up the work however they chose to. With Pearce taking most of the workload on the muscle-ups, Muhammad went to work on the snatches.

After going singles on his portion of the snatches on the round of 9, he went for three unbroken during the set of 7. And at for the final five snatches, Muhammad went unbroken for all five to win the event and overall point total.

The video below starts at Muhammad’s final five snatches.