The 2016 Pan-American Championships kick off today and run through June 11. There’s a lot at stake for the men on Team USA. There’s not a live stream available, unfortunately, but here are the start times for the weight classes.

All times in EDT:

Date Time Weight Class (Session) Team USA
Tuesday, June 7 1:00pm 56kg Men (A)
4:00pm 48kg Women (A) Kathleen Winters
Kelly Rexroad Williams
8:00pm 62kg Men (A)
Wednesday, June 8 11:00am 53kg Women (B)
1:00pm 58kg Women (B)
3:00pm 53kg Women (A) Caitlin Hogan
Morghan King
5:00pm 69kg Men (A) Alex Lee
8:00pm 58kg Women (A) Jessica Lucero
Thursday, June 9 1:00pm 77kg Men (B)
3:00pm 63kg Women (A)
6:00pm 77kg Men (A) Travis Cooper
8:00pm 69kg Women (A) Mattie Rogers
Friday, June 10 12:00pm 94kg Men (B)
2:00pm 75kg Women (A)
5:00pm 85kg Men (A) James Tatum
8:00pm +75kg Women (A) Marissa Klingseis
Saturday, June 11 10:00am 94kg Men (A) Norik Vardanian
Kendrick Farris
12:30pm 105kg Men (A) Wesley Kitts
Donovan Ford
3:00pm +105kg Men (A) Caine Wilkes


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