Jon North's New Blog, The Light Orchestra

It’s been over a week since we found out that Jon North suffered cardiac arrest and was resuscitated by paramedics. Throughout the week, we received tidbits of North’s progress via Jessica North’s, his wife, Facebook page.

North, now back at home, has created a new blog, His first post talks about the last week from his perspective. The blog post tells an amazing story of the moments leading up to his cardiac arrest to waking up in the middle of a hospital to his current health situation.

North says that he was dead for 18 minutes. During this time he says he talked to a gold “human-like-angel, God-like figure” before being brought back to life. The fact that he did not suffer brain damage is a bit of a miracle in of itself given the time he was unconscious.

North received a special defibrillator that will monitor his heart activity and will shock it back into rhythm should it begin to experience a similar situation. There is still a lot that the doctors don’t know so more medical testing and analysis will be done over the next few months. But for now, North is ready to embark on the next phase of his life.