Jared Fleming Returns to Platform for First Time Since Tearing ACL

Jared Fleming at 2015 IWF World Championships in Houston, Texas
Photo Credit: Lifting Life Josh Wilkinson)

Jared Fleming tore his ACL in 19 months ago at the 2015 IWF World Championships in Houston, Texas. Prior to the injury, Fleming was in contention for vying for an Olympic spot. Fleming had surgery to repair his torn ACL and partially torn meniscus shortly after the incident and has been slowly rehabbing to get back on the platform.

On Saturday, Fleming made his first appearance back on the platform. While he is still working his way back, Fleming snatched 140kg and power cleaned and power jerked 155kg.

While both lifts are well below where he was prior to the injury, it bodes well in his comeback. In addition to working on the Olympic lifts, Fleming has also spent time getting in better shape. Fleming completed all five CrossFit Open workouts this past February/March.

Fleming finished 11,781st worldwide and 794th in the Mid Atlantic region. Not bad for an athlete who had never concentrated on conditioning or CrossFit, let alone coming back from an ACL tear.

The increased conditioning appears to have lowered Fleming’s bodyweight. According to his CrossFit Games profile, Fleming is currently at 200 pounds, or 91kg.