Dave Castro Hints at Event 2

Trek X-Caliber 7 bike as shown in Dave Castro's Event 2 hint.
Trek X-Caliber 7 bike as shown in Dave Castro's Event 2 hint.

After a week of nothing coming from Dave Castro, he posted late last night a hint for Event 2 of the 2017 CrossFit Games. Castro kept with the theme of capturing his ‘reveal’ in a first-person format using a GoPro and wrote “EVEWT 2” (we think he means Event 2).

The camera then panned down to show a Trek mountain bike.

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The bike in the Instagram clip appears to be a Trek X-Caliber 7 mountain bike. The X-Caliber 7 is completely out of stock and appears to be an older version of the Trek X-Caliber series (there is a Series 8 and Series 9 model available).

This begs the question, “what bike will the athletes really use?” Ever since CrossFit shared the CrossFit bike video in April, everyone has been predicting to see biking (and the CrossFit bike) in an event this year.

Our guess is that the Trek bike in the video is just Castro’s own bike and that the athletes will be using the “custom” CrossFit bike in Madison.

Outside of knowing that athletes will be riding a bike, we have no other details. We can assume the Open division will be on the bikes, but will the teens, masters and teams be doing this as well? And when is Event 2? Will they be starting on Thursday or will they start on Wednesday again?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments what you think will happen?


  1. Looks like they are using the same bike as the pic. I was wondering what model they were using, this article told me.

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