We were all expecting it. And while we don’t have all of the answers yet, Day 1 of the 2018 CrossFit Regionals is going to be interesting. Monday afternoon Castro shared a whiteboard photo with two of the three workouts (possibly) slated for Friday’s workouts.

The first workout is Triple 3, a repeat of a 2014 CrossFit Games workout. The 3k row, 300 double-under and 3 mile run workout from the Games will kick off the 2018 Regional events. Castro even hinted at this by sharing a photo of Mat Fraser passing Rich Froning during the Triple 3 event at the Games earlier that morning.

In 2014, Rob Forte won the Triple 3 with a time of 33:03. On the women’s side, Kristin Holte won in 36:07. Athletes will have to jump on an AirAssault Runner for the run at Regionals rather than running around the StubHub Center in Los Angeles. Athletes will also have 49 minutes to complete the workout. All athletes at the 2014 Games completed the workout under this time cap.

The second workout is Linda. After hinting at a bench press a day earlier, many started to guess it was Linda. But rather than have different weights for each competitor, Castro used the average weight for the 2017 Games competitors, 195 for men and 145 for women (however, Castro said the women’s weight on the bench will be slightly less).

That means the men will face a 295-pound deadlift, 195-pound bench press and 145-pound squat clean. The women will get a 220-pound deadlift, somewhere around 135-pound bench press and 110-pound clean. Athletes will face a 17-minute time cap.

The third event, has yet to be released. Could it be a third event on Day 1? Castro hinted that it will be a triplet (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bifm8u6FAyEkeeping the theme of the previous two workouts) and it will be gymnastics based. Castro is giving away an Air Assault Bike to someone in the comments who correctly guesses the workout.

In less than 12 hours, over 1,700 comments have poured in. The comments are all over the board, but several common guesses are Mary and JT.

Regardless of what Event 3 is, the anticipation is definitely building for regionals now that the workouts are being released. Which workout are you most excited about?

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