Reigning CrossFit Games Champion Mat Fraser Cleans 385 in 18.2a and Still Had Time

Most of us knew Mat Fraser would do well in a workout that has a max clean, but to do it with 1:40 left in a 12-minute workout? Fraser hit this 385-lb. clean and gave a signal to his judge that he was done with 18.2a. As he should have, because at the time of him posting the video, Alex Vigneault was atop the leaderboard with a 375-lb. clean. It just goes to show you how well-rounded Fraser is, and why he’s obliterated the competition the last two years.

18.2 385# @roguefitness #hardworkpaysoffs #HWPO

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The back-to-back Games champion could have joined the spectators in the stands and sat out the last workout of the last two Games and still won. However, to assert his dominance, he finished second overall in 2016 Games final workout, “Redemption,” and he absorbed the love of the crowd in the last event of last year’s “Fibonacci Final.”


Jim Isbell
Jim Isbell is a contributing writer at The Barbell Spin. He trains at Crossfit Fort Worth in the great state of Texas.


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