Why Wait Until the New Year to Start CrossFit?

CrossFit Grandview

“New Year, new me.” We hear it from our peers and maybe from our own mouth at this time of year, but how many of us follow through with that half-hearted promise to change our life physically and mentally in early January?

Each year millions around the world will join gyms of all types to begin their fitness journey. It’s like a herd of sheep following blindly off a cliff. And that’s usually what happens. We start working out and staying consistent for a week, maybe two if we’re lucky, and then we continue to pay the membership fee without even realizing we haven’t set foot in the gym in weeks. It’s how today’s fitness industry profits every year.

So here’s my solution. Don’t fall into the trap “globo gyms” use when December hits. It’s the best time for business for them to get you to join their gym, and frankly, some don’t care if you come back after you sign your contract.

I can’t speak for all CrossFit gyms (boxes) worldwide, but what I can say they have an aspect your local recreation center or mega gym likely does not have: a community of members who will push you each day to come back the next.

Community is what drives CrossFit boxes. If you’re looking for a change, CrossFit is for you.

If you’re tired of mindlessly roaming the gym with your headphones in trying to avoid the same person you’ve seen multiple times without so much as acknowledging them, or working out chest on Mondays, seeing someone squat at the smith machine and awkwardly stand next to the person on the machine you want to use until they’re done, then find a local CrossFit affiliate and ask them why they do CrossFit. I can guarantee the start of their start is similar to yours.

Also, there’s one question I feel I should answer for you before you try to talk yourself out of walking into a box. Unlike what some say about CrossFit, you don’t have to be fit to start.

Jim Isbell
Jim Isbell is a contributing writer at The Barbell Spin. He trains at Crossfit Fort Worth in the great state of Texas.

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